Repeat Prescriptions

Restricted Access Only – Coronavirus

Please nominate a pharmacy to enable the practice to send prescriptions automatically.

If you have any queries do not come to the practice and instead phone 02089584233.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you have not yet registered for ‘patient access’ please contact our reception team who can provide you with your personal login details.  Please note if you have already registered for ‘patient access’ you can now book appointments and order prescriptions online via:

Please allow two full working days (48 hours) for a repeat prescription.

If you ask for a medicine which we do not have on a repeat for you, you will need to allow three full working days (72 hours) for this to be done.

Your local pharmacist should be able to give you advice for non-prescription medication.

Please do not ask staff to issue a prescription for a medicine which is on a hospital prescription. Hospital prescriptions must be filled at the issuing hospital pharmacy.

From time to time we will ask you to see a doctor to review your medication. We do this to monitor your illness and medication. Wherever possible please give the exact drug names when ordering.

Please note we require the same 48-hour period to “convert” any outpatient private prescriptions that may have been given by a private consultant (following referral) to an NHS prescription. If the doctor is concerned about a prescription, he may need to contact the consultant and this may cause a delay in issuing the prescription.

If you run out of repeat medication your pharmacist may provide you with a small quantity to enable you to take your regular medication whilst you wait for your prescription to be issued.

We only take telephone requests for repeat prescriptions from housebound patients.