Track a Referral

The Referral Management Service (RMS)

Your referral: A patient’s guide to what happens:

  • Your GP thinks that it would be beneficial for you to be seen by a specialist.
  • They will send your referral to the Referral Management Service (RMS, where a team of experienced doctors will decide on the best place for you to be seen. That may be a community clinic, a hospital, or they might ask your GP to carry out further tests, for example an x-ray before making a decision about your treatment.
  • If your condition can best be managed by the GP and Practice Nurse, you will be referred back to your practice. Please note that Community Clinics are often also consultant led.
  • If the RMS team decide that the best option for you is to be seen in a hospital, you will be sent a ‘Choose & Book’ letter which will provide a selection of hospitals. If you have already specified a hospital preference, you will be sent a request for that hospital only. Full instructions are given in the letter on how to book an appointment at a date and time convenient to you, which you can do by telephone or via the internet.

Tracking a referral

  • You should hear about your referral within four to six weeks of seeing your GP. If you haven’t heard anything after this time, please call the RMS on 020 8865 2040.
  • If you no longer want an appointment, please call the RMS on 020 8865 2040. If you are sent an appointment which you are unable to keep, please cancel it with the hospital/community service well in advance, otherwise the choose and book system will automatically discharge you and if you still wish to proceed, your GP will have to refer you again and you will be back at the bottom of the list.

Please do not contact the surgery to track your referral, as we have no way of knowing the status of your referral.

If, however, you have contacted the RMS and they respond that they have not received your referral, please contact the practice.

Non RMS Referrals

You cannot track your referral via RMS for the below referrals; please contact the surgery directly for these:

  • Antenatal
  • IAPT